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Dear reader,

Welcome to the Smart-Team blog! An enterprise blog is a place where we can share our formalised research. I strongly encourage each of you to get involved with me.

You’ve got it, the blog-article subject is the blog-article itself. Why write? Or why read for that matter? This way of engaging one another allows for individuality with regard to our colleagues, our clients, our partners and our suppliers. The sum of our individualities is part of the notion of Team.

Write and read about any arbitrary subject that tickles your fancy. You can research or just share thoughts. It is courage to choose a subject and give it form. I have great respect for any author who would take the time to write.

It is an honour for me to accept Gabriele’s invitation to write an article. As with any enterprise communication, there is a de-facto editorial voice and that is a structural tool. One ambition of Smart Team is to move forward. Reported research in blog articles allows us to move forward together.

Smart Team is growing and we are engaged today to grow with it. Smart Team is potentially quadri-lingual : Arabic, French, English and Italian (not to mention all the computer languages). It would be appropriate for the website and blog also to be multi-lingual. However, each article be it translated or no is the individual authentic writing, voice and conscience of the author.

Then comes the question of the publication calendar: how often do I have to (or should I) read or write? Either you are spontaneously inspired to share some discovery or you promised to write for such-and-such a timeframe. Either way, try to formulate some subject that interests you. If you are a Smart-Team employee, I would encourage you to read the articles written by your colleagues. If you are a client, you can read to get to know those who engage ourselves in your success. Clients and partners may also write articles.

Individual expression in the enterprise is a resource to cultivate. We need to give space to authors. A good way of doing so is to engage complementary ideas that an article inspire in you.

When you proofread, consider adding value beyond grammar and spelling, such as pull-out quotes.

Then of course there are practical considerations about the blog article. First the basics: have an account on this blog and then write an article here. Find an image, often an allegory. The article should be relayed on social media such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Don’t forget to attach and create the tags and categories for the article in WordPress. Put your article in a proofreading state so that someone can proofread and retouch your article before publication. When you proofread, consider adding value beyond grammar and spelling, such as pull-out quotes. You can also optionally translate the article into other languages.

Even more than contributing to Smart Team, a blog article is a means by which you can express yourself in the professional realm, advance in your career, write to your future self and grow with regard to thought around a subject of your choosing. It is real. In concrete terms, I would invite each employee of Smart Team to think about a blog article to write before the end of 2017.

Alright, let’s open the blog, read and write some articles 🙂

Chris MANN
P// Caplancity, Partenaire de Smart Team

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